• To start, we would have a free trial session to get to know each other, talk about your previous Spanish knowledge, your needs, etc. and establish a student-teacher connection. Book a free trial session in the contact section
  • Later on, lessons will be designed by taking into account the student’s needs in order to more effectively develop the skills needed to understand, speak, read and write in Spanish
  • The communicative approach will be used during lessons (it is an approach to language teaching that emphasizes interaction as both the means and the ultimate goal of the study)
  • Lessons are made up with a variety of styles, materials and resources. This may include conversational exercises, games, readings all aimed to help you learn. Textbooks are also available upon request
  • We will use different platforms and applications such as Google Drive in order to share files and work simultaneously
  • After every class, you will receive an email with homework and additional resources to reinforce learning such as a list of things to improve, revise along with tips to get ready for the next lesson

First off, I would like for us to get to know each other a little bit. I want to learn your background with Spanish, what you expect to learn, improve, etc. I offer a free 30-minute trial session so we can talk and I can assess your Spanish level and needs in order to tailor a specific lesson plan for you. This is also where you can ask clarifying questions and get to know me better too

Once you have bought a lessons package, I will contact you to agree a date and hour to our lessons

It is not necessary, in El mundo con ELE you can start as a beginner and learn everything from scratch 😊

Of course! You just need to book it contacting me by email: info@elmundoconele.com or via this form and you will have a 30 min free trial session. I am waiting for you!

You just need to have a free account on Skype or Zoom, add me and you are ready to go! It is also recommended to have a Gmail account too for homework. You can use these services from your smartphone or tablet as well. Ah! Don’t forget to book your lesson before 😉

The schedule changes every week depending on other students’ reservations but, in general, lessons are from 8.00 am till 9.00 pm (GMT+1). Keep in mind that the time zone in your country may be different than the one in Spain. Remember to book your lessons in advance and as soon as possible to ensure your ideal reservation


If you have done your free trial session and purchase a lesson package, you will receive an email with the information about how to book lessons. If you have not done it yet, contact me me by email info@elmundoconele.com or via this form

The trial session is a free 30 min meeting intended to be a first contact between student and instructor. During this time, you and your teacher will discuss a variety of topics such as your background with Spanish, what you expect to learn, improve, etc. Likewise, the teacher will explain how the lessons will work and after you will receive an email with the lesson plan for the course that you can either accept or change with your teacher until you are satisfied.. Apart from that, you can do a voluntary level test. Take the first step to furthering your understanding of Spanish by booking your trial session in the contact section!

Sure! You can have one-to-one Spanish lessons and also participate in the group conversation workshops or any other kind of lesson

In order for learning to be effective, lessons must be taken regularly (2 or 3 times per week plus work outside of our lessons). If you are preparing for a test, a trip, etc and you feel it is necessary, you could have an intensive course with as many lessons as you want per week (as long as it is feasible for your teacher)

Yes, but you have plenty of time before the expiration. In order to effectively improve your Spanish, you must follow a continuous learning plan, I would suggest at least one hour per week. Expiry times (after the day of payment):
  • 5 hour package expires after 6 weeks
  • 10 hour package expire after 12 weeks
  • 20 hour package expires after 23 weeks

Sure, both cancellation and change policy is 24 hours in advance by email. Otherwise, you will be charged. To cancel the lesson, contact me by email: info@elmundoconele.com or via this form

Classes start and end at their scheduled times. For example, if the student shows up 10 minutes late, the student does not gain 10 minutes at the end of class. The lesson will be considered void and the student will be charged if they do not appear within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time

Group workshops

Every month/week 60 min thematic and conversation group workshops will be organized with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 people. You can book your place through social media (Instagram or Facebook) sending a message or using the contact form or email. Moreover, you will complete the payment through the web

Workshops will be held with a minimum of 3 people. In case of not having at least 3 people 24h before the time of the workshop, it will be cancelled and you will get a refund

As well as in the lessons packages, you must inform 24h in advance about the cancellation. In this case, you will get the refund. Otherwise, you will be charged


You can pay for the lessons via Stripe, a secure, convenient and fast way of completing purchases with debit or credit card. If you prefer other methods such as bank transfer, contact me via the form or by email: info@elmundoconele.com

It is not necessary to have an account. After choosing your lesson package, you will see the payment platform and there you can select the option “pay with card” in order to pay with your credit or debit card with no need to have any account

Refund policy

There is no refund once the first lesson has been scheduled . But don’t worry, there is always a solution: you can request an extension of the expiry date or you can transfer your package of lessons to another person

More info

Write me and I will reply as soon as possible! And remember you can do a 30 min free trial lesson and ask whatever you want and see how lessons in El mundo con ELE work. Book it in the contact section